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Short Interview

Here is a short interview, conducted in late February 1998. I sent some questions in to Dr. Luther, which he kindly answered for me.

QUESTION: Where are you currently residing? Canada, Japan...

LUTHER: Canada

QUESTION: Have you ever wrestled in the States?

Yes, California, Baja, Montana.

QUESTION: Which do you like better, wrestling here or in Japan?

LUTHER:'s more intense.

QUESTION: Are you currently still wrestling in Japan? If not, are there plans to go back there?

LUTHER: I have not been there for a while. I have made 49 trips. I want to go back and make it an even 50.

QUESTION: I heard that you trained with the Hart family? Is that true?

LUTHER: Yes, Keith Hart was my main trainer. I trained exclusively with him for a year.

QUESTION: Have you ever been offered a job by either the WWF or WCW?

LUTHER: When I was 18 I was offered a short tour with the WWF. Hopefully within the next few yers, I will be in one.

QUESTION: What are your feelings between what happened with Bret and the WWF? Would you ever consider working for Vince after what happened?

LUTHER: I'll work for Vince. Money is money. I don't really know about Bret. Business is business and his is none of mine.

QUESTION: What, in your opinion, was the greatest match of your career?

LUTHER: Personally I have had many. Too many to write. It's easier to just tell people than to write about it.

QUESTION: How long have you been wrestling professionally?

LUTHER: Since I was 17.

QUESTION: Are there going to be many more additions to the Army of Darkness?

LUTHER: THE AOD hopes to expand, both in wrestlers and in followers. Thanks for being a great fan!

***I wrestled on a tour for FMW with Louie Spicolli. He was a great guy and will be missed.***