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Here you can find pictures of Dr. Luther in action! If you have any pictures of the King of Darkness that are not already here, please send them my way and you will receive credit for them.

Credit for all pictures goes to Spooner unless otherwise noted.

Dr. Luther vs Juggernaut

Luther enters the Eagles Hall, ready for battle!
Luther sets the record straight before his war with Juggernaut:
Juggernaut enters, ready to do battle with the good Doctor:
Luther with a side headlock on Juggernaut:
Luther gets the upperhand after putting Juggernaut through a table:
Luther busts Juggernaut wide open!:
A bloody Juggernaut and Luther battle in the lobby!:
Juggernaut goes headfirst into a chair:

Luther celebrates his win over Juggernaut!:

Dr. Luther vs Kurrgan

Kurrgan enters the Eagles Hall:
Luther makes his way to the ring, confident of victory:
Kurrgan drops an elbow on Luther:
Kurrgan cheats by choking Luther with his massive boot:
Luther gets ready to pounce on Kurrgan from the railing:
Luther hits a double ax handle on Kurrgan from the railing:
Kurrgan retaliates with boots to the stomach of Luther:
Kurrgan nails Luther with a chair to the skull!:
Luther goes for the pin on Kurrgan:
Kurrgan goes for the chokeslam after Abaddon spits mist in Luther's face:
Luther suffers a defeat but only because of Abaddon's interference:

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