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-The following was taken directly from Don Callis's website. All credit goes to them.

Paging Dr. Luther

The new IWA (Indigenous Wrestling Alliance) made its debut last night in Winnipeg in front of a packed house at the University of Winnipeg's Duckworth Centre. The crowd was treated to some eighteen exciting matches which included many of the top young talent in Canada today, as well as some lovely female talent, but it was the return of Dr. Luther that made the lasting impression on the audience.

Fans in Manitoba will remember the good doctor from his days as a straight-jacketed Hannibal Lecteresque heel for the old International Wrestling Alliance, of which I was booker and television producer. Luther was, with myself and Bad News Allen, one of the top heels in the territory, and someone who truly inspired fear in the fans. While many fans hated me, not that many actually ran in terror when I came out as they did for Luther.

As a producer, I always loved working with Dr. Luther, putting together angles, or vignettes that would make Stephen King's mind look like a bright and sunny place. I like to say that the only mind more twisted and gifted than the Dr. Luther character is the man who portrays him on television. I first met Luther in 1989 when I first started out in the business and he was a young, good looking babyface who used to make the female fans swoon. Soon after, Luther began going to Japan for the FMW promotion, where he fine tuned the Luther gimmick, holding several titles and drawing several huge crowds at baseball stadiums. Amazingly, Luther never got the break in North America he deserved, despite being a mega star in Japan.

Luther and I were, of course, the central characters in the many Death Tours with Tony Condello, entertaining the rest of the boys with our diabolical ribbing, most of it directed at our promoter. Luther and I were responsible for the legendary "pig rib" prank played on Condello, which saw him waking up with a pig eating crackers out of his mustache. We also dyed Tony's hair green, pulled his pants down in front of a live crowd and put deep heat rub in the underarms of his referees shirt. Luther and I also once pulled a rib in Winnipeg that resulted in a six foot four 370 pound ex convict called Basher trying to murder Edge and Christian back when they were working up here...Oooops!

Another time, on the road in fabulous Flin Flon, Manitoba in the middle of winter, Luther and I retired to the local drinking establishment for a couple of beers. The waitress was quick to warn us that the miners where in for the weekend and would likely be looking for a fight.

Luther and I weren't worried as we always keep a low profile in public, but when several of the idiot babyfaces showed up, hair down and tank tops on, we realized there might be a problem. I asked Luther what we should do if these morons got themselves into a bar brawl, and, knowing that we were both far too intelligent for such barbarism, Luther smiled and said "Natch, you get the coats and I'll get the door."

Dr. Luther is a polished wrestler and brilliant mind who has foolishly been overlooked by promotions in the U.S. for the last few years. His brilliance has never had a national stage to be featured on, and hopefully his debut with the Indigenous Wrestling Alliance will give him that spotlight he deserves.

Trust me when I tell you, that the US's loss is most definitely our gain.

-On Thursday November 23rd in Nanaimo, Dr. Luther defeated Juggernaut in a chain match to finally win the NWA/ECCW Heavyweight title! This was done with a little bit of help from the IWA Japan's own Super Freddy #3.

- Dr. Luther was mentioned (under his former wrestling name of Lenny St. Clair) in several of WCW wrestler Lance Storm's commentarys a while back. I have decided to put up some direct links to these commentaries. They are very humorous and give fans a look back into some of Luther's past:
Death Tour
Death Tour 2
Death Tour 3

- WWF wrestler Chris Jericho is also a buddy of Luther's and he frequently mentions Luther in his commentaries as well. You can access Chris Jericho's homepage at

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